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Juliette Feldman

Entertainment & Culture

Located in Tacoma, Washington, Juliette Feldman is a respected professional currently present in the healthcare industry. She is presently holding the role of an administrative specialist interim at the Primary Care Appointing Center (PCAC). Throughout her career, she has worked within the health field, holding a variety of administrative positions. In her current position, she provides support to the PCAC manager and supervisor team. A few of Juliette’s responsibilities include managing calendars and scheduling, creating meeting agendas, conducting travel and expense reports, managing multiple spreadsheets and more. While some may grow overwhelmed by the number of tasks handled on a daily basis, Juliette embraces her busy schedule and thrives in her fast-paced environment.

Prior positions of Juliette include being a supervisor interim, pre-visit unit specialist, lead patient access representative and administrative assistant. Even throughout her college years, Juliette Feldman was embracing administrative opportunities. She served in the front office for on-campus housing and new student services. These roles gave her experience in both office duties and customer service, as she interacted with many students in these positions.

In her future endeavors, Juliette hopes to harness her various talents and passions to create a truly immersive career for herself. She is talented in a number of areas and has the potential to reach great heights in her professional life. Whether through holding more administrative positions or taking on greater leadership roles, Juliette will be prepared for whatever is thrown her way.

Outside of her work, Juliette also enjoys diving into arts and culture wherever and whenever possible. Juliette is particularly interested in cross-stitching, a hobby she loves to pursue in her free time. Especially throughout the pandemic, cross-stitching has proven to be a great use of spare time. She enjoys challenging herself in this hobby and updating others on her new creations.

Juliette Feldman also enjoys listening to audiobooks. Some of her favorite genres include mystery, fiction and some self-help books. If you were to ask Juliette for an honest review of an audiobook in one of these categories, chances are she would be more than happy to discuss the book with you. Juliette’s list of audiobooks to listen to is never-ending, as there is a continuous amount of books being released weekly.

In addition to these hobbies, she also stays updated on the latest makeup trends and skincare products. The industry is constantly promoting new products, many of which you can find Juliette in line to buy for herself. Juliette has joined the many other women who are taking their skincare more seriously and finding ways to obtain a glowing look.

Juliette is also interested in coffee, wine, weed, cooking and watching shows. Recently, Juliette Feldman has also become interested in learning about stocks, saving and investing. Not only can knowledge of these fields grow her in her career, but they can also assist her greatly in her personal life and finances. 

If you wish to stay updated with Juliette’s audiobook recommendations, cross-stitching endeavors and more, be sure to visit her blog page!